Art Gallery 1

"Eye Cry or I Cry"


Children are teaching us to cry.  Crying is a healthy, emotional expression.  Like the fish needs the water to exist. Crying is cleansing, cleansing is healing, healing is growth.

"Door Opens"

1994   22 x 29.5

$12,000 Acrylic on Canvas

While looking in space and seeing the unlimited possibilities, so are the opportunities when doors are opened and closed.  When one door is closed, another door opens.  Just as the universe is filled with opportunities for all who can see them. 

"Candle in the Window"


While valuable time melts away, every second is precious time spent with loved ones.  Enjoy every moment, you will never get them back.  While the light of the candle, symbolized in human hands, is burning, time is melting away.  The curtain is being pulled to the left, revealing the 'inner' light surrounded by angels.

"Superstition Mountains"

1988  38 x 30

$15,000 Oil on Canvas

To the left in the sky is the pyramid of stars with the bright star glowing overhead in the center of the painting.  The Indians are there in the mountain's face as the spirits are always watching.  In the forefront and lower center at the mid point of the mountain are a pair of dark rocks, Peter's favorite hang-out.

"Morning has Broken"

1981  15.5 x 12

$7,500 Oil on Canvas

"Foot of Superstition Mountains"

1988   38 x 30

$10,000 Acrylic on Canvas