Art Gallery 6


1996   29.5 x 24    $15,000 Oil on Canvas

In The Mind

Oprah's dreams and visions. The color purple in her hair and the vision of herself as an actress.

In The Physical

The courage she had walking with her little red wagon before millions of people. The baby on the Earth showing the spiritual enlightenment she offers the world.

In The Spirit

The emotional Oprah, her heart, beliefs and religion. The Rose in her necklace shows the angel praying. The dogs she loves so much, near her in the stars.

"Seven Faces"

1975   29.5 x 24

$15,000 Oil on Canvas


"Spirit Face"


If you look at the line play, triangles and fog, a face will appear. As soon as you see it, the image will never leave. It will always be with you.