"Pass It On"
1974   16 x 20  Oil on Canvas
The dove belongs to the sky, the rose belongs to  the earth, and the fish belongs to the water. The dove is the spiritual messenger of peace.  The rose symbolizes love with its human face. The fish symbolizes life. The spirit brings love to life.


The "Pass It On, Art History" DVD
$20.00 (includes domestic shipping & handling)





"12 Faces and Phases of John In Spirit" 04:26
December 8, 1980 painting, a tribute to a peacemaker. a painting from a fan done in the key of "Imagine" as performed by Jordis Unga, Best of Rock Stars INXS. "The 12 Faces and Phases of John In Spirit" by Peter Teekamp.





"You Don't Know Jesus At All" 04:12

Artist Peter Teekamp's interpretation. Words and music by Richard Sales. Intent: LOVE & PEACE. A concept, War is not the answer to Peace.
Love is the answer to all.





Nothing HOLY about WAR 02:56
Time-lapse painting by Peter Teekamp 2006, INTENT: Peace, Love, Global cooling, Harmony, Tolerance, Respect





Teekamp Mural Tour    06:41
A quick representation of murals around the world by Peter Teekamp, from California, South Dakota, India, Portugal, Israel, Holland, Washington and more. Google "TEEKAMP"



The portrait of Oprah as seen through the eyes of a fan, Artist Peter Teekamp. A 1996 portrait with mini-depictions of events that ends 'in-the-moment' with the recent ribbon-cutting of Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.



Dr. Semkiw's "Born Again", and Teekamp's "Pass It On"  06:11
An Artist's View.Fast motion trailer for the full DVD "Pass It On, Art History" 6 chapters plus Teekamp Murals. DVD available at
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