Peter's Near-Death Experience

My first early life memory is looking down from above and seeing myself as a baby, floating about one foot below the surface of the water.  I'm in a blue wool outfit and I can see myself just floating there.  After a few moments I hear a scream as my sister calls for our mother.  The next sensation I feel is that of being pulled out of the water. I remember being dried off by my mother and everything looked very normal as if nothing had happened.

In my opinion, I saw my physical form drown while my spirit was looking down.

Perhaps that's why I understand clearly, that we are spirits with a body.  You carry your body just for awhile in that form and you will get many forms along your journey. I will go so far as to say that's what I've painted for 30 years. (See countless examples in my paintings).

I can't forget that when I was a child, my interests were always life after death, reincarnation, UFOs, etc., while my friends would play outside. It felt like I knew something they didn't and that I should keep it to myself. Death to me was a celebration, the most significant event any human can experience, with no fear but with excitement that it will go on forever, life after life, a never ending cycle. I feel my childhood experience reflects my belief system and/or was created by it!" - Peter Teekamp

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Here is an article that appeared in The Vancouver Times

Americans claim to be reincarnation of Gaugins

By Sandra Thomas-Staff writer

Michelle Moshay was looking through a book on the artist Paul Gauguin when she came upon a picture of his wife.

The North Bend, Washington resident was immediately struck by the resemblance between her own appearance and that of Mette, the artist's wife.  But her friend Peter Teekamp was not surprised.

"I was staring at the picture and Peter said, 'Who does that look like?'" said Moshay. "And suddenly I knew the reason why we got together and why we've always gotten along so well."

Moshay and Teekamp, who have never been in more than a platonic relationship, say they've had an intense connection since they first met in the late 1990s. And the reason? They were Paul and Mette Gauguin in a past life, they say.

The pair, who wrote a book on reincarnation called Pass It On, Art HIStory, will tell their stories in January at the Reincarnation Research Presentation, a conference on reincarnation held at Britannia Community Centre.

The event is hosted by Walter Semkiw, a San Francisco-based doctor and author who specializes in the study of past-life regression and reincarnation and sits on the board of the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies.

Semkiw is the author of Return of the Revolutionaries: A Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited, which asks the question: "What if key figures in the American Revolution were back with us today..."

In the book Semkiw looks at dozens of prominent and influential Americans and establishes what he believes was their previous identity during Revolutionary times by using facial appearance, personal interests and writing styles. Using this system and advice from Ahtun Re, a spirit guide he says is channelled by celebrity spirit channeller Kevin Ryerson, Semkiw has researched many contemporary public figures, including Oprah Winfrey.

According to the helpful Ahtun Re, Winfrey is likely the reincarnation of James Wilson, a member of Congress who challenged British parliamentary authority over America. Ryerson worked as a medium to actor Shirley MacLaine for more than 20 years and was the subject of a book she wrote in the 1980s called Out on a Limb. Ryerson later played himself in a 1987 movie of the same name.

Moshay said she and Teekamp are joining the Britannia event as examples of people who have made connections to their past lives. She said Teekamp finally realized he was a reincarnate of Gauguin after years of being compared to the artist, including an uncanny physical resemblance. They both attended boarding schools and have similar painting styles. Gauguin lived in St. Cloud, France where he began to paint seriously, while Teekamp moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he began to paint seriously.

According to a copy of a letter from Semkiw, Ryerson also validates Teekamp's theory he is the reincarnation of Gauguin.

Moshay said there are also similarities between her and Mette Gaugin. Mette taught French, while Moshay studied it for three years. Mette raised five children, while Moshay made an early decision not to have children. And Mette was an avid promoter of Gauguin's art, while Moshay does the same for Teekamp.

Moshay said people who don't believe in reincarnation need only look back at their lives to find proof it exists. She said reincarnation could be the clue as to why we follow the paths we do.

"Look at the coincidences and dreams in your life and don't brush them off," she said. "To the skeptics I ask, 'What is this all about, then?' You tell me why all this has happened to us."

The event is Jan. 8 at the centre, 1661 Napier St., beginning at 7 p.m. The presentation is part of an ongoing series on wellness offered at Britannia and is free to members of the community centre, or with a $3 purchase of a membership. For more information call the centre at 604-718-5800.
published on 12/21/2005