Meet Peter Teekamp and Michelle Moshay
also known as
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"How We Spent Our Summer Vacation" July 2005
We were welcomed like family with a big, warm hug.
"Cold Weather, Warm Hugs" by Peter Teekamp 2003
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There were wonderful spirits everywhere. It was like a dream.
We were serenaded by Steve Kern also known as "Little John".
"Peace Pipe" Teekamp 1976
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The first thing we did was agree to an agenda:
Written by our event organizer,
Dr. Walter Semkiw
in "Return of the Revolutionaries,
The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited."
Art by Peter Teekamp.
Owned by Teekamp Collector, Dr. Semkiw.
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It was a most significant date in world and art history.
We signed the "Declaration of Cosmic Cooperation"
authored by Tom Hansen and further witnessed the event
by adding our signatures.
Peter's painting from 1975 "Bicentennial America"
(Born in Amsterdam Holland, Peter became a U.S. citizen
shortly following this painting.)
All the while Michelle took photos.
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The stories that were shared changed our lives.
"Presentation of Creation" Teekamp 1978
Here are just a few of the amazing people we met:
Wayne Peterson
Author of "Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings,"
shared his experiences with Maitreya
 and the Masters of Wisdom.
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Verna V. Aridon Yater, Ph.D.
Co-founder of the Spiritual Sciences Institute
and its Blue Mountain Center,
was led to the land by Spirit in 1978.
Verna gave us Indira Latari and wisdom of the ages.
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Judy Goodman
Internationally recognized speaker
and possibly one of the most gifted intuitive teachers today,
her work is the subject of an award-winning book
and she was recently featured on the Sci-Fi channel's
"In Search Of."
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Paul von Ward
Author of "Gods, Genes and Consciousness,"
are we alone in the universe?
Facilitating the expansion of consciousness
through natural spirituality in a self-learning universe.
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Michael and Raphaelle Tamura
Healers devoted to teaching people to heal their spiritual life,
to deepen their awareness
and to develop their spiritual and psychic abilities
to help fulfill their soul purpose.
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Kevin Ryerson
is an acclaimed author, award winning consultant,
expert intuitive, futurist and trance channel
in the tradition of Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts.
He has been lecturing and teaching in the field of parapsychology
and spirituality for over thirty years.
Kevin channeled this question:
"Do you want to know how you got here?"
The answers in part were:
Hologram, Fetus, Faces, Sacred Anatomy,
Sound Waves, Murals, and even the concept of eBay.
The words were wonderfully familiar.
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Details from a few paintings and drawings dating back to 1972:
The Fetus and Skull. Man's questions.
Where did we come from?
What are we?
Where are we going?
The black and white drawing at the top also reads:
"Even Searching For The Truth Is The Truth"
drawn by Peter at the age of 22.

The 4th of July weekend 2005 was awe-inspiring, soul healing and definitely life changing. It is now art history. Peter was inspired to paint the event. In the last ten minutes together on our summer vacation ... Dr. Semkiw said to Peter, "Who am I to tell an artist what to paint, but if you could paint like Gauguin too, it might really be helpful in adding objective evidence of reincarnation."


from Webster's Dictionary: "an intuitive grasp of the essential nature or meaning of something, as an event, usually simple and striking."

Well the good Doctor had something there...

So ... out on the limb we go!

No more denials. No holding back.

The following inspirations resulted from a week that changed our lives. For the first time in his life, Peter doesn't see his ability to paint like Gauguin as "robbing Paul to pay Peter." He now knows it means much more than that.

What you have is an artist with a colorful story, an abundance of art and creating more daily, 135 years of experience, a hidden faces discovery, an original, century-old Gauguin charcoal drawing discovery, murals dotting the globe, two websites and a new eBay store, a completed manuscript searching for a publisher, who paints like Paul and on top of it, looks like him too, (and she looks like her).

With a brand new collection
That the doctor and all of you inspired.

These are not "COPIES." These are new "Self-Portraits" by Teekamp IN THE STYLE of Gauguin painted after returning home.

One never knows what the art world will find discoverable as "emerging artists" go, but some signs are better than others. In the end, all energies are put back into the efforts of getting the book published and the total message promoted. (Suggestions and referrals are always appreciated!)

Speaking as Mette, the promoter from 100 years ago that few know about, if I accept my past-life match, then I am obligated to risk humbly suggesting that now would be a good time to commission this artist. So here we go.

The "direct-from-the-artist" prices are fair and reasonable, not like the cost of an original Gauguin, (because after all, painting it the second time around ought to be easier! :-) and much less than many in Teekamp's "Priced to Keep" Collection. Think of it as a great investment of a brilliant souvenir from your summer vacation.

We are honored to be working with you.

Our common goal is an honorable one:

To prove reincarnation through ground-breaking science,
leading-edge technology and multiple in-depth case studies
backed with overwhelming meta-physical evidence.

Let this be our contribution of evidence.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration, for looking closer and passing it on.


Michelle/Mette for Peter/Paul

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The following faces were created as a direct result of the July gathering. Faces have always played a key role in the synchronicity of Peter's life. It's never been more fitting than now.

Click here for Peter's discovery of Gauguin's hidden faces

It was suggested to Peter that if he could also "paint like Gauguin" his story would offer objective evidence of reincarnation. Never wanting to be "like" Gauguin, Peter never tried to paint what Gauguin painted. (Remember, given a choice, he says he'd rather be Michelangelo!)

Each portrait has its own Teekamp touch which classifies them as a "near-copies". Making "near-copies" of his own work was a trait Gauguin himself was known for.

Click here to see Gauguin's drawing compared with his own near-copies
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and the Wildenstein Institute
But wait!
There's more!
This one is "Rainbow Palette"
Here's the inspiration:
Don't go just yet!
Here's one more...
It's called "With Rose"
and here is the inspiration...
The "No More Denial" Collection
Self-portraits created by Peter Teekamp
Inspired by Paul Gauguin
July 2005
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Final notes: Peter and I eventually realized that the manuscript title,
"Pass It On, Art HIStory"
although appropriate, was not serving our purposes.
So we decided the title should be a bit more edgy.
The new title is:
 "Reincarnation For Dummies:
When The Evidence Is In-Your-Face"
(Of course, we're flexible and will graciously accept an editor's suggestions.)
Here are some recent press releases and related websites:
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in Spearfish South Dakota:
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to Discover One of His Own Previously Unknown Drawings?
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in the Digital Eternity of Cyberspace:
Century-old Gauguin Masterpiece
Charcoal Drawing Discovered:
Colorful Evidence of Everlasting Life:
A True Story Backed with Astounding Lifetime Art and
Gauguin Book Collection Coming to Auction:
Here is Peter's name-sake painting from 1974:
"Pass It On"
The Spirit brings Love to Life
This is Peter's most published piece
and graces the cover of the book
"Nothing Better than Death"
Click here to read more about it
Author Kevin R. Williams is webmaster
of the # 1 ranked website on near-death studies.
"For believers, no proof is needed,
for non-believers no amount of proof will be enough.
Seek believers and like-minded thinkers." - Unknown
We look forward to your correspondence!
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Thank your for time. God bless.